AC&C 88% Back History AC&C Ltd.was established in 1992 as a indeopendent pre-press integrator and exclusive distributor of Birmy Graphics, Centurfax, Compose, ICG, Imacon, HSH, Phase One and Xitron. During the 1999 Seybold Seminars held in San Francisco, AC&C was awarded with HotPic's awards for the first PDF native products on the market. In 2000 ACCHSH (later PuzzleFlow) was established as joint venture between AC&C and HSH dedicated to development of automated PDF production solutions sold to the biggest magazine publishers and news papers world wide. Last few years AC&C install professional digital photography solutions based on Phase One, Schneider Kreuznach and Digital Transitions technology. With more than 150 systems sold in Poland, AC&C has 80% of the Polish digital medium format market share. AC&C offers also consulting and training services based on quality control solutions from Image Science Associates: Golden Thread and Golden Touch systems, to deliver a complete solutions for the best photographers, rental studios and National Heritage digitization projects.